Other Facilities


Research RoomMeeting Room

The Medical Centre (Kyoten) owns a research room accommodating five spaces and a meeting room on the 3rd floor for visiting researchers. The Internet service is also provided.

Also, the visiting researchers are able to have free accesses to the facilities such as the library and research rooms on Campus, and other medical centers including Nachi-Katsuura Research Center of Sports Medicine and Balneology.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00~20:30

Regarding accommodation, please be aware that only the chief researcher is provided with a free accommodation and that the other participants are covered by the allowed research funding. If the free accommodation is fully booked, however, even the chief researcher should be also covered by the funding. Thus, the chief researcher is advised to inform us of his/her itinerary as soon as possible when the free accommodation is needed.

Only the limited parking space for the Medical Centre for Health Promotion and Sport Science is provided with free of charge while costs of other parking spaces should be covered by the funding