1. Theme

We call for proposals in a wide range of research on Sports Medicine for Persons with Impairments.

2. Eligibility of applicants

The applicant (chief researcher) MUST be a lecturer and/or a researcher at the tertiary-level education at a domestic/foreign university or at a research institute, or MUST be a researcher or an engineer who belongs to a private company or an organization which is equivalent to the tertiary education level at the time of the application submission.

3. Deadline

An application must be submitted between 14 May and 30 May, 2018.

4. What to submit

  • Application Form

Please download, fill in and submit an appropriate application form: Joint Usage or Joint Research. Please refer to the list of equipment and facilities to inform us what you wish to use for your study.

  • Ethics approval (if necessary)

In the case that a university or an institute to which the applicant belongs does not provide a service of Ethics Committee, please apply for the service of Ethics Committee at Wakayama Medical University. Please be aware that the Ethics approval enables you to begin the research.

If you belong to an overseas university or institute, you MUST need an Ethics Approval from the Japan-based Ethics Committee. Please be also advised that one of lecturers in the Medical Center for Health Promotion and Sport Science should be included as a member of Joint Research for the ethics approval from Wakayama Medical University.

5. How to apply

The applicant is required to post the application form by airmail with the title of ‘Joint Usage/Research Application’ on the envelope and to send an electronic form by email as well.

In case of the overseas university or institute, however, an electronic PDF-application form can be accepted and the original copy can be submitted when the applicant visits the center.

6. Admission and Notification

In principle, the Promotion Committee of Joint Usage/Research Project of Sports for Persons with Impairments screens and announces within a month if it is successful. In the case that the applicant is asked to provide further information or to rearrange the plan of the research, the final notification may be made in a longer time.

7. Expense Coverage

We cover the expenses including travel and consumable goods up to JPY 1,000,000 for each project (the maximum amount is subject to the research):

  • Only consumable goods for experiment are allowed to purchase, however, stationery or a computer is excluded. Also, any single item should not be over JPY 100,000. The center-paid goods basically belong to the Medical Center for Health Promotion and Sport Science and, thus, all goods should be returned after the experiment.
  • Travel expense is covered on the basis of the Travel Expense Regulations of Wakayama Medical University.
  • Regarding accommodation, please be aware that only the chief researcher is provided with a free accommodation and that the other participants are covered by the allowed research funding. If the free accommodation is fully booked, however, even the chief researcher should be also covered by the funding. Thus, the chief researcher is advised to inform us of his/her itinerary as soon as possible when the free accommodation is needed.
  • Only the limited parking space for the Medical Center for Health Promotion and Sport Science is provided with free of charge while costs of other parking spaces should be covered by the funding.

8. Report Submission

  • The chief researcher is obliged to submit a report within three months after the research is ended. In case that the research is ended after the date of 01 Jan each year, however, a report should be submitted by the end of March. The report will be displayed on the website.
  • The abstract should be written in 400~600 words, along with 3~5 key words.
  • The finding of the study should be also written in 12 point, Times New Roman and 1,000~1,500 words. It is highly recommended to use figure or table for readers’ easier understanding.
  • The abstract and finding of the study are expected to be displayed on an official Report of the Joint Usage/Research organized by Wakayama Medical University in the following fiscal year.

9. Cautions

  • In principle, a researcher MUST utilize the facilities provided by the Center to conduct his/her research and he/she can stay for weeks to months.
  • When the Joint Usage/Research is cancelled by an inevitable reason, “Notice of Study Cancellation” should be submitted.
  • It would be highly appreciated if the following message is included on the acknowledgement of your research:

[The study was supported by the Joint Usage/Research Center of Sports for Persons with Impairments, the Medical Center for Health Promotion and Sport Science, Wakayama Medical University (Approval Number: xxxx-xx)]

  • In the event that the research contains ethical issues such as an animal experiment or human materials, based on laws and ordinances, the applicant MUST receive an ethical approval from either internal or external Ethics Committee to ensure the required ethical standards.
  • The applicant may be asked to make a contract between himself/herself or his/her university and Wakayama Medical University for the Joint Usage/Research Agreement or the Non-disclosure Agreement.

10. Contact

The Medical Center for Health Promotion and Sport Science
Forte Wajima bldg., 5F, 2-1, Hommachi, Wakayama City
Japan 640-8033


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