With a reputation for excellent research performances on athletes with impairments in the Medical Center for Health Promotion and Sport Science, Wakayama Medical University has been widely involved in a range of studies as one of leading medical research centers for disabled sports. Also, as the Medical Center for Health Promotion and Sport Science has introduced the state-of-the-art equipment for studies, the University has been, thus, officially designated as the medical center for Japanese National Para Team.

In these respects the Joint Usage/Research Project has begun since 2013 when the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology recognized our excellent performances on people with impairments, and our high quality of facilities and equipment. The project aims to enabling more researchers to utilize those equipment and facilities and to contributing on the development of para sports in association with the Medical Center for Health Promotion and Sport Science. Furthermore, as it promotes greater opportunity to exchange and share the knowledge on a range of technologies for players with impairments from a medical or social perspective domestically and internationally, international applicants are very welcome to join our project.

Since Tokyo hosts the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, a wide range of studies regarding sports with the able bodied have been actively undertaken across Japan. Now, the study for disabled sports should be also encouraged to gear up for higher achievements. We believe that our program inspires various groups in education, social welfare or sport science to improve the environment for people with impairments.

There are two types of Joint Project: Joint Usage and Joint Research.

The Joint Project starts on 1, Apr each year and ends on 31, Mar in the following year. Therefore, the Joint Usage/Research should be conducted and completed in the fixed term.